This is a Play-by-Email (PBeM) game, which of course means that youre playing using email.  There will be many other players in the game.  To play, you use our free player program called the Diploware, which shows all of your forces and foreign relations.  When the game begins, we send you a small file.  You load this file up into your Diploware, and make all of your orders.  After your done making your orders, you use the Diploware to create a file that has all of your orders on it, and you then send it to us.  But, you wont get the results back immediately.  There is a due date for all of the files for all players, so everyone has time to get their orders in.  On this due date, everyone’s orders will be carried out, and all the game events will happen at the same time.  Your neighbors will be human players, so be prepared for the unexpected.  Will your allies come through on their promises? Will you arise victorious in that crucial battle you planned?  Can you stand the suspense?  After the due date, we send everyone their new file, with the results of what happened.  Then, you load this up into your Diploware, and see the good, bad or ugly results. You then create and send in your new orders, and everything continues like this each turn, as you march onward to victory. For sending in orders and receiving your results, file attachments are used (if you are not familiar with file attachments, consult your email program's help guide). You can also use the web and diploware to receive and send your orders.


When you install the Diploware, please read the Rules of the House. These are just 3 common sense rules that make games more enjoyable if everyone follows. They are included below as well:
  • First, we ask that you do not harass, spam, or demean other players. Just use you're common sense about this, if youre generating 50 complaints, youre probably doing something wrong. So in this respect, please play nice :).
  • Secondly, please do not try to hack files, send in bogus turnfiles for someone else, and the like. Our system is designed to detect and handle this, but we are all probably better off without those few dishonorable desperados out there that resort to such means :).
  • Lastly, the most important rule: You can control ONLY ONE position per game. In the PBeM community, it is considered really bad sportsmanship to try to cheat by having more than one game position. Noone likes a bad sport! So, if we find out this rule has been broken (and we will monitor suspicious activity), the perpetrator will be removed, and permanently barred from all future games.

Other than these 3 rules, just about anything goes. Players are free to do whatever they like within the scope of the game, so be on your toes. Your neighbors may be loyal stalwarts, or Machievellian scoundrels. Some players you can trust, some you cannot, and others must be hunted down and exterminated like the mad dogs that they are!


The GM enjoys hosting games, and there are always positions available for new people (current players always have priority for signing up for new games). However, the GM can host only a limited number of games, so to be fair to everyone on the waiting list, we ask that each person plays in only 1 game at the same time. This includes all games hosted by A.G.E. games. The following exceptions apply to the 1 game at a time rule:

A) If you have Royalty status (a special status explained in the rulebook) in 1 game, then you may join 2 games at the same time. B) If you are in a game that is nearing its end (you expect it will be completed in 2 turns or less), then you are welcome to sign up for another game.
C) If your position is relatively hopeless, then you are also welcome to sign up for another game.
C) Once you have played 10 turns in a row without missing a turn, you are considered a Veteran, and are then eligible to be a replacement in a current game. This is if you are already in a game, and you wish to join another as a replacement for a player that cannot continue. In this case, just sign up normally, and indicate that you would like a replacement position.
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