To join a game, just fill out the form below. You can be assured that all of your info will only be used for sending your turns and other in-game purposes.  It will never be given away or used for any other unholy reason. See the notes underneath the form for more info. Also, if you are unable to use this form, or have other problems, then just email the GM with the required info or question at:

To Sign Up for a Game, Please Indicate:
Your First name:
Your Email Address:
On the diploware (make sure you have downloaded it), select Open Turn, then Tutorial. Above the King, there is the name of his realm, please include that below to confirm your signup.

  • Please carefully double-check your email, as your turns will be sent here.
  • When you are successfully signed up, an account will be created for you, and then you will then be placed on the waiting list for the game. Games begin every week or 2, but you may be able to join faster if there is a replacement position open.
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