A.G.E. Victory Page

This page is dedicated to the conquerors and survivors of past games hosted by A.G.E. These hardy souls either emerged victorious from the brutal struggle, or survived to the end. Some used masterful tactics and cunning strategy to gain the advantage over their foes. Others used the more subtle weapons of scheming and the sharp dagger. And there were those that earned honor by simply hanging on with tooth and nail in the face of defeat like a cornered badger, indomitable to the end. Their accomplishments shall be immoralized here for the ages. Each game has a separate Hall of victory, and you may select which one to view (the supreme victors for each game will be at the bottom of the page):

Medieval Diplomacy II

Age of Conquest


Shogunate: Warlords of the Rising Sun

Napoleonic Empires

Medieval Diplomacy I

Galactic Warlords

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