Welcome to Kharne, a world modelled after Lord of the Rings and Warhammer: battle-torn and populated by numerous races, as well as dread creatures of legend. Here you may take the throne of one of a number of land-hungry realms, in the quest for empire. Send forth thy regiments and fleets, thy commanders and beast-allies to conquer provinces and carve out a mighty dominion. In time, you may be proclaimed as a dragonlord of the land, and win glory everlasting. Dragonlords is a giant play-by-email boardgame, with 24 players from all over the world. Players are now being accepted for new games, so prepare thyself, for the dragons shall soon be unleashed!

To view your realm and issue orders, you use the Diploware, which is a software program you download here. When you install the Diploware, the Rulebook will also be installed (be sure to browse through this, which is available from your Windows Start Menu). The Diploware (download size: 9 MB) is for PCs with any version of Windows (Win XP, Win98, Win95, NT or Win2000). The game & software are completely free, and there is absolutely no spyware, adware, or advertising of any kind involved, period. To learn more, see below:

About PBeM Games Download the Diploware View the Online Rules View Diploware Screenshots

Important Note: You should close any unneeded programs you have open before running the diploware, to ensure that it will run efficiently on your computer (this is especially the case for older computers).

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You can also join the Discussion Group for the game, which is an excellent place to ask questions and so forth. But, please do not conduct your private diplomacy here, because messages sent to the group will be received by everyone (for diplomatic discussions, you should email your neighbors privately). To subscribe, simply type in your email below, and click Join the Group.


Note 1: To report problems or ask questions, dont hesitate to send an Email to your friendly and helpful G.M. at: gm@agegames.co.uk

Note 2: There is an upgraded version of the diploware that adds many sounds and pictures to the diploware. You can get this by Clicking Here . Just install this diploware normally and it will upgrade your software.

Note 3: For Windows 2000 users only: You need to have a font installed on your computer. Please download and install this font (install it into your windows fonts). To get it, Click Here. Just ignore this if you have a different version of Windows.

Note 4: There is a small map of the game available, which you can view by clicking here.

Note 5: You heard right before, the game is completely free to play for as long as you like. There is also an option to make a donation to the G.M., which brings a few additional perquisites. This is completely optional though, and is explained in the Rulebook. This will allow you to choose your starting realm! These are listed in the rulebook. To send a donation to the G.M., Click Here .

Copyright Ancient Guardian Enterprises 2003-20011, All Rights Reserved.

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